Q - Where does Cozmetic Hub ship?

Our local brands ship out their products domestically from Singapore. International brands ship out thier orders seprately from around the world to Singapore. Only orders placed from a Singapore address will be processed, we hope to deliver to other regions soon


Q - How long does shipping take?

Shipping times depend on the courier you have selected during checkout, you can check on your order status under Profile > My orders.
Brands based locally will tend to take 3-5 days and International based brands will take 7-10 days.


Q - What is COZ Express?

COZ Express is a in-house delivery operation by cozmetichub.com we pride ourselves on speed and service.



Q – What mode of payments are available?

We accept all modes of credit / debit card payments through our payment processor PayPal. Fill in your card details after you have placed an order and our payment gateway will guide you through the next steps in order to securely make payment.


Q - How is payment processed?

We use verified and well-known payment processors such as PayPal. After payment is successful, an automated email would be sent to your email address to confirm your order.


Q - How do I return a product / get a refund?

Please refer to our return and refund policy here, before sending us an email or message.


Promo Codes:

Q – How to use promo codes?

Promo codes are available after you have sign-up and log-in to your account. Certain codes can only be used once per account. Note that only 1 code can be used per order.



Q - Business / Leisure events

We do cater to business / leisure events, not limited to the ones below.

- Booths at functions to allow guest to try out beauty products

- Wedding gifts and reception activities

- Beauty exhibitions and trade shows


Q - I have other inquiries, what should I do?

You can reach out to us through our email “support@cozmetichub.com” or send us a message here.