GIVE $3 GET $3
GIVE $3 GET $3

Give your friend a promo code worth $3 and you will get $3 once they have made their first purchase, with a minimum of $30 spent.

What are you waiting for? Start referring your friends today!

Step 1: Log into your Cozmetic Hub account and head over to “Refer a Friend

Step 2: Copy your personalized promo code and share it with your friends. Alternatively, you can send them a link via email.

Step 3: After they have made an eligible purchase, your $3 will be available in Coz Credits.


Additional Information,
Coz Points System: 

Every user will automatically get 15 points when they sign up for a Cozmetic Hub account.

For every purchase made, $1 = 1 Coz Point.

For every review written for a product, 5 Coz Points are given. (Coming soon, Stay tuned!)


Coz Credits:

After each successful referral, $3 will be credited into the individual Coz Credits.

Once 600 Coz Points is accumulated, it will be automatically converted into $5 of Coz Credits.

Authorised Referral: A ‘ Referred Customer’ is one who make a purchase on Cozmetic Hub’s website the first time. Purchase value must be $30 and above in order to be eligible.


Referral Programme T&Cs:

To participate in the referral programme, you are subjected to Cozmetic Hub’s Term of Use and Cozmetic Hub Privacy Policy.

What constitutes as a Successful Referral?

A successful referral is defined as a purchase made on Cozmetic Hub’s website by a person ( ‘ Referred Customer” who arrive to our website by clicking on the Referral Program link sent by a Referrer and making a first purchase of minimum $30 or entering a Referrer’s individual promo code.

* Referral Eligibility limited to new individual only, Cozmetic Hub’s Referral Programme cannot be used by businesses for affiliate lead generation as determined in Cozmetic Hub’s sole discretion.

Who can qualify as a Referred Friend?

The Referred Friend has to be a new customer to Cozmetic Hub with no previous purchases being made.There is only one Successful Referral for each Referred Friend.

Additional purchases by a Referred Friend does not count as additional Successful Referral.

What are the Referral Programme’s reward?

The Referrer is rewarded with $3 Coz Credits and ___ Coz Points after each Successful Referral.

When clicking on the referral link sent by the Referrer or applying the Referrer Promo Code, the Referred Friend will receive $3 off their first purchase, with a minimum purchase of $30.

When do the Coz Credit & Coz Points expire?

There is no expiry on Coz Credit and Coz Points

How do I redeem my Referral reward?

Offer is only valid on Cozmetic Hub. Promo Code must be entered prior to completing the purchase at checkout.

Offer is non-exchangeable for cash and non-transferable. Offer cannot be used alongside other discounts or promotions. Offer is not valid on gift cards. Returns for eligible products can be made and only the discounted value of the item paid will be issued in the form of store credits, credited into your Cozmetic Hub’s account. Offer cannot be claimed after the purchase is completed. There is strictly no extension upon expiry.

Is there a maximum number of referrals that can be redeemed?

There is no maximum number of referrals per Referrer. 

Cozmetic Hub reserves the right to reject a Successful Referral in case of any fraudulent suspicion.