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Orange Clay Body Bar is rich in Vitamin C for that extra antioxidant boost. Packed with orange essential oil, citrus fruits are considered the ultimate skin saver. 


Good for: Body |
Smells like: Orange Citrus

Size: 100-130grams

All our bars are a minimum of 100grams, never less, always more. 
Weight tends to vary as we hand-cut every bar, but we can assure you it is at least 100grams. Weigh it yourself babe! 

Glycerin. Blue Ternate. Plant Harvested Loofah. Vanilla EO. Sandalwood EO. Mica Minerals. 


We pride ourselves in only using natural ingredients for our Raw Bars. Every ingredient is carefully hand picked to&

  • Lather where you choose and massage gently.
  • Store in dry and clean area.

  • As a glycerin based soap, please be mindful of ants as our soaps are sweet!

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