Apr 15, 20

Many of us are not clear about the exact expiry date for makeup products and it can be hard to spot when makeup is expired other than the obvious tell-tale sign of eyeshadow crumbling and mascara clumping together. 

While it may be difficult to toss makeup, it is important to note that old makeup can serve as a breeding grounding for germs and will cause your skin to breakout. 


Liquid foundation will typically last for 12 months, while mascara & eyeliner can only last for 3 months. Lip products can last up to 2 years and may deteriorate faster if it is used frequently while compact powders may last up to 2 years or more if it is stored properly since it is a solid ( it is important to note that pigmentation will fade over time


Another reason to toss old makeup out is that the more you keep old makeup products, the chemical makeup of the ingredients will start to break down, especially in foundations and it will cause the product to not lay evenly on the skin and as the preservatives start to break down, more bacteria will be formed. 

One misconception most people have is that ‘ unopened makeup ‘ is fresh however this only means that the breakdown process will occur at a slower rate and the preservatives may start to break down even before you have opened it. Hence, if you have been keeping your ‘ unopened’ blusher for 3 years, you should probably throw it out.


It is important to note the health risk that expired makeup poses. Expired makeup such as foundation and eyeliner can cause infection- expired eyeliner can irritate the delicate eye area , causing it to become puffy, red and swollen while expired foundations can irritate skin and cause red bumps to form. For mascara, it is important to adhere to the 3 months expiry date as it is easily contaminated by bacteria which increases the risk of eye infections such as pink eyes. 


However, not all hope is lost as for some products such as lipstick and powder, you can simply sanitise them by cleaning the top with alcohol and shaving off the top layer!


Pro tip: If you are in doubt, it is probably safer to just throw the products away!