How to NOT buy fake cosmetic product online and get a serious allergy reaction
Apr 22, 20
How to NOT buy fake cosmetic product online and get a serious allergy reaction

The use of fake makeup products poses an extremely great risk due to the use of dangerous or illegal ingredients. Many counterfeit for big beauty Brands such as MAC Cosmetic can be easily found online at a very cheap price. 


Those products will often cause serious problems with infection and result in allergy skin reaction, acne, skin sensitivity and even chemical burn to sensitive areas such as eyelids.  


To avoid falling into this trap, it is important for consumers to recognise when a deal is too good (dirt-cheap price is often a dead giveaway to identifying a product is fake ) and to do extensive research on the seller to Ensure that the product bought is authentic. Do adequate research to know how the product should look , feel and it’s performance. Read more about the product and consider if the physical descriptions match, check if the packaging is the same and if it feels or smell off despite being new , it will best to dispose of it rather than use.


Lastly, if mall prices are too expensive, it is best to purchase from authorised distributors where you can be sure of its authenticity. Do not try to scrimp as it will put your skin or health at risk , it is always important to do your research so you can easily identify fake products when you are doing your shopping online. 


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